Every facility of our winery has been designed to produce the best possible wine. This may sound like a cliché, but far from being so, it has been a challenge to extend the full measure of our architectural knowledge in the winery to ensure that the entire process is perfect.

We start with something logical for us and inherent to the philosophy of the Pago wine: the winery is in the same vineyard, thus keeping times from collecting the grapes to their storage in the cold stores as short as possible. We need grape fermentation to start at the right time and under the right conditions, therefore we collect the grapes in boxes of 15 kg maximum and bring them to the chambers, thus stopping the fermentation process. Manual harvesting of the grapes ensures the delicate handling of the whole process, with a vertical elevator that avoids pressure on the grape before being selected manually, and sent to the first fermentation vessel.

We have designed each building, its orientation, cellars and underground bottle racks, so that they take advantage of the optimum temperature until the wine rounds out. We will be delighted to explain you all the secrets of our winery, and we encourage you to visit us.

You will always succeed if you pour all your energy and hopes into a project.

Optimal temperature and humidity conditions from the ground up

Our bottle racks and casks are under the main buildings and they maintain the perfect conditions for the process we had in mind. Our respect for tradition and nature, together with the fact that our wines require time and stability, led us to make the most of the resources of our own land. Taking advantage of the hill on which the winery’s buildings sit, we built our bottle racks with the optimal depth and orientation to maintain the temperature and humidity needed for the years in bottle which are our distinctive feature.

Bottle racks Calzadilla



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Viñedos Pago Calzadilla

A winery designed to merge with the vineyard

Our vineyard and our winery do not make sense without each other. The size of the different plots and the grape variety are fitted for the wine we want to get, and our winery has been built to harbour the fruit of our vineyard. Both have been growing hand in hand to maintain the philosophy of Pago wine that characterizes us, using only our local grape production and cultivating the varieties that our wines need.

Winery and vineyard are aesthetically blended. The quality of the grape and the practical needs of our traditional and organic farming prevail in the vineyard, but we have managed to assemble all this into a genuinely beautiful whole in which it is difficult to distinguish whether the winery was created to complete the vineyard or if it started growing around it.

Bottle racks and barrel rooms ideal for long ageing

One feature that sets apart our wines is their long period of time in bottle. From the beginning we understood it as a fundamental part of the process of a wine. It is a necessary time to refine its flavour and to allow the different shades to get mixed creating their final flavour for a perfect rounding of the wine.

This technique has traditionally been done by simply storing the wine, taking for granted the importance it really had, but modern and industrialized production chains have led many wineries to dispense with this crucial stage in the life of a wine, shifting the responsibility to the customer for knowing the resting time and bottling conditions the wine needs. We have high quality wines, and our average customer can understand these issues, but we still find it a big mistake to sell a wine that is not in its optimal condition.

In Pago Calzadilla we have met this challenge by expanding the big wine rack; here you have an article about this in which Francisco explains what the expansion means for our winery, this expansion has allowed us to age the wine in the bottle rack for periods of up to four years.

Botellero viejo - Pago Calzadilla
Barricas de roble francés y americano - Pago Calzadilla


Art is one of our hobbies and personal hallmark. Making a good wine is an art work in itself that requires passion, dedication and a style of its own. This has been translated into the winery, where even the layout of the vineyard forms a well-balanced whole with the natural environment and the winery facility. Every moment of the day is a picture worthy of being painted.

This passion for art becomes really evident in the different buildings of the winery, where we have been included the paintings, sgraffitos and decorations of several artists that share the spirit of tradition and integration with the natural environment that surrounds us.

Every small piece of art deserves to be appreciated and enjoyed, but the harmony of the whole is what really impresses the visitor, and this is something that we can hardly transmit in this page.



We have put our heart and soul into every detail, and you make us proud every time you share this article in your favourite social network.

Thanks in advance from all those who have worked hard to create Pago Calzadilla.