Complying with law 34/2002, July 11th of "servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electrónico", and as propietor of this website, PAGO CALZADILLA wishes to inform to its users that the legal denomination of this company is Uribes Madero S.L., registered in the "Registro Mercantil de Madrid" on its folder 12.341, sheet 100-M195988, "1ªinscripción", and that its fiscal address is situated in Avenida del Recuerdo 11, 28036 Madrid, Spain.

1. Access terms
Access and use of any of the services offered by this website are free, and entails the acceptance of the terms and conditions contract described in this legal text, as well as the personal data protection policy of Uribes Madero S.L. (please see security and privacy policy of the company).

2. Customer service
For any request, please use any of the means of contact offered by PAGO CALZADILLA to get in touch with our customers support service, by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; by post to the address Ctra. Huete a Cuenca, Km. 3,3 – 16500 HUETE (Cuenca) ; by fax to +34 969 147 047 or by phone at number +34 969 143 020.

3. Exemption of liability for interruption, errors or change in contents.
The main goal of PAGO CALZADILLA is that of keeping the correct and updated information shown on its website, and keeping the connexion flow free of interruptions or failures. Even though, PAGO CALZADILLA can not guarantee the total absence of errors neither in the contents nor in the proper connexions of the systems, reasons for which PAGO CALZADILLA holds no liability arising from the lack of veracity on the contents shown on the website nor for any damage caused to its users by an error on the connexion of the website.

PAGO CALZADILLA holds the right to modify delete or add, without previous notice, any of the information and services beheld on its website. Regarding any information coming from third parties to which this website allows to access and add information, PAGO CALZADILLA holds no liability of the quality, exactness, reliability, or legacy of the contents of the texts, images or other data included on it.

4. Intelectual Property
PAGO CALZADILLA is a registered brand and the use of its name, logo, or brand is forbidden if not authorized by its holder.
All the contents of this website (texts, images, audio sounds, video, design, software and any other material) is owned by PAGO CALZADILLA or other third parties and any intellectual or industrial rights are all reserved. Users of this website can visualize, copy, print and store it only for personal and private use; it is illegal the use of any of the contents mentioned above for lucrative purposes.
PAGO CALZADILLA authorizes the setting of links to any of the contents of this website on other websites belonging to third parties as long as the image, the name and the brand name of PAGO CALZADILLA is not damaged.
PAGO CALZADILLA authorizes as well any mention of the contents of the website in other websites belonging to third parties, as long as it is a part reproduction of its contents, the mentioned reproduction is not modified, the property of the contents are mentioned as property of PAGO CALZADILLA, and as long as the mentioned reproduction is linked to its original source (URL of PAGO CALZADILLA).


5. Confidenciality of personal details
Any information given by users must be certain and truthful. The user is the only responsible for any false or inexactness of the information provided which should cause damage to PAGO CALZADILLA or to any third party.
Complying with the "Ley Orgánica 15/1999, December 13th, about protection of personal details, and its regulations, PAGO CALZADILLA guarantees the security and confidentiality of the details provided by users, which will be included in a file and used only for the mentioned use. Users shall be at any time, allowed to exercise their right to modify, delete of their personal details. In order to gather further information, please look into the security and privacy policy of the company. PAGO CALZADILLA declares herein that is not using cookies in order to gather technical information as to facilitate the access to its website.

6. Conclusion
PAGO CALZADILLA shall, at any time, revise the terms and conditions which are contained in this "legal notice" by means of updating this website.
PAGO CALZADILLA shall pursue any violation of any of the mentioned terms and conditions as well as any misuse of the contents of this website, carrying through any legal actions allowed by law.


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